VanderBrook Chiropractic

About Dr. VanderBrook

Dr. VanderBrook is a native of Clifton Springs and a 2007 graduate of Midlakes High School where he was active in the community as well as athletics. Following graduation, he attended St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY and obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology in 2011. His interest in health optimization and the human physiology naturally transitioned to the pursuit of his Doctorate of Chiropractic which he received from New York Chiropractic College in in Seneca Falls, NY in 2016.

 While at New York Chiropractic College Dr. VanderBrook was awarded the Libero A. Violini Health Center Award, presented to those who exemplify a high level of proficiency in patient care and chiropractic adjustment procedures.

In addition to degrees in Exercise Physiology and Doctorate of Chiropractic, Dr. VanderBrook is also a Certified Whole Foods practitioner. This certification enables Dr. VanderBrook to treat the source of patients’ ailments through promotion of a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention rather than merely addressing disease symptomology. This synergistic approach to treating the root cause of the problem as well as providing relief of pain through traditional and modern manipulation techniques provides the patient with the optimal chance for recovery.

Dr. VanderBrook has spent the last three years practicing in Pittsburgh, PA where he has gained invaluable clinical experience.  He is now thrilled to return home and open an independent practice with the goal of serving those in this community who had supported him from the beginning.